Our Calls

Every call is hand turned at our shop located in Jackson, Michigan. We take pride in developing every call from the drilling process through applying finish. Each step is equally important in the process of building your call. We personally tune every call prior to shipping.
Our company is centered on two pedestals. These pedestals are the very foundation of our business.

  1. We will always pride ourselves on the quality of our product.
  2. We will always put our customers first.

Our Grunt Calls are made much different than other grunt calls on the market today. After years of trial and error Timber Freak Game Calls has discovered a small, but yet very effective technique to make the all wood grunts sound as they do. Our wood grunt calls produce the “deep” grunt that many hunters desire. There are no special reeds or tone boards, it’s all in how the call is built. Many appreciate the fact the call is “all wood” with no plastic tube and still achieves a deep grunt.

Our Grunt “tube” calls are second to none when it comes to tone. Our tubes have the the deep “gurgley” grunt that many desire.
All of our calls come with a fully adjustable tone board and reed. Our calls range from a fawn bawl up to a dominate buck grunt. Just simply slide the O-ring to the desired groove to achieve the sound you desire.

Call prices can change depending on the material used. The prices below reflect our most widely used materials prices.

All Wood Grunt Calls $49.50 & up

Grunt Tube Call (expandable tube) $49.50

Predator Closed Reed Predator Calls $35.00 & up

Open Reed Predator Calls $45.00 & up

Duck Call $60.00 & up

Goose Call $60.00 &  up

Turkey Pot call with hand turned striker $50.00, slate is the general surface used, (Striking
surfaces will change the price slightly)

We also offer laser engraving for an additional $8.00 per call.

Here are some helpful hints to keep your call (grunt call) in good working order: every so often you will want to take a small amount of clear silicone grease and line the inside of the mouth piece that connects to the barrel. This will help ensure that the mouth piece slides on and off smoothly reducing friction. You can also wipe your call down with a soft cloth from time – to – time to revive its finish.

Again, I thank you all for your support in making Timber Freak Game Calls a living reality!

Sean & Gary Purcell
Owners, Timber Freak Game Calls
517-206- 2727 Sean Purcell
517-206- 1839 Gary Purcell