At Timber Freak Game Calls, we craft some of the finest game calls available to serious hunters and collectors today. Each call is hand turned and individually tested and tuned. Timber Freak Game Calls has crafted hundreds of custom game calls for hunters and collectors all over the country. We only use suppliers within the U.S. that are known as a complete quality source. We use the highest quality products and materials for our calls.

Gary Purcell grew up in Southern Michigan with a passion for hunting his whole life. His son, Sean Purcell, picked up this passion early on in life as his dad taught him the ways of the outdoors. The Father and Son had been long time customers of Mike and Tammy Perkins and could testify to the quality of Timber Freak Game Calls. When they were presented with the opportunity to take over the business for Mike, it was an easy decision for both Gary and Sean. They started working with Mike right away, working long hours with Mike to learn his techniques and to make sure the transition went smoothly. The father son duo wants to continue with Mike’s passion of creating hand crafted, personal custom game calls.

Our Grunt calls are made much different than other calls on the market today. After two years of researching, Mike developed an all wood grunt call that still produced the “deep” grunt that many hunters desire and still maintaining the “all wood” call attraction. Not only will we continue this amazing sounding calls, we will continue to carry a life time warranty on Timber
Freak Game Calls.

We thank God for his blessings and the direction he has taken us.
We sincerely thank you for your Friendships, Support and Business.

Sean & Gary Purcell
Timber Freak Game Calls