Timber Freak Game Calls crafts some of the finest grunt calls available to serious hunters today. Each call is hand tuned and individually tested for air pressure, tone, and overall functionality prior to shipping.

Timber Freak Game Calls has crafted many custom grunt calls for hunters and collectors.  We only use suppliers within the U.S. that are known as a complete quality source.  Timber Freak uses the highest quality exotic, select woods, and other materials for their calls.

Mike Perkins grew up in Southern Michigan.  Hunting early on in life with his family grew into a passion for the outdoors. Creating his own deer calls started out as an attempt to hand craft a personal custom call.  It wasn’t long before calls were being made and shipped all over the U.S.

Timber Freak Game Calls was created to provide a crafted grunt call that is personal to the hunter or collector.

call making 001  making call 001